Ever wondered what the future might bring? 2133 is a Metroidvania platform-shooter which will introduce you to the cyberpunk nation of Hannisout. Within it, the government exploits cybernetic materials to upgrade soldiers for the ensuing war at the cost of citizens in dire need. A group of rebels decide to rise against the government and a civil war starts. During one of the fights, your father gets injured and no parts are available to save him. You decide to face the rebels and find the parts yourself but you will soon find out that every choice has a consequence... Inspired by the success of Metroidvanias like "Hollow Knight" and the moral complexity of games like "Papers, Please" and "Undertale", 2133 will allow you to explore a grounded cyberpunk world, where you will be able to find your path and make your own choices.


  • Ennio Orazio Lupo