Attitude Green

A survey with 75 responses from students at the University of York, revealed that there was confusion of what can and cannot be recycled on campus. In addition, only 10% of responses said that they have visited the university official webpages on recycling on campus. Expert interviews with two key members of the university’s sustainability strategy gave insightful reasoning behind those findings. They believed that there is a sense of apathy towards recycling amongst students, as well as the confusion of what can and cannot be recycled. This research led to the development of Attitude Green- an app and an Interactive Recycling Bank, working together to improve the user experience of recycling on campus. With the development of the app Motivation Green and the Interactive Recycling Bank, gamification acts as a catalyst for increasing the motivation to recycle. The point system and leaderboard, within the app, assists in reducing apathy towards recycling. Moreover, this app helps to red uce the level of contamination in the recycling points on campus by providing an easily accessible platform to look up what can and cannot be recycled. The prototypes were made using Invision and Adobe Illustrator for the app, and Arduino for the Interactive Recycling Bank


  • Rhian Davies