Heat of the Moment

Heat of the Moment is an intense, fast-paced game where you must make quick decisions to escape a burning house. As you pass through scenes, you will find items that open up new options and encounter characters like the arsonist and the assassin. Each run will result in one of 21 possible endings. The game is highly replayable and I encourage replaying it many times to see how many different endings you can get. It also features a cross-game storyline with time travel, elementals, and an alternate dimension. This storyline unlocks new items, characters, scenes, and endings; most notably, the True Ending. This project was developed over the course of three months in Processing. Scenes were rendered in Blender, pixel art was made in Aseprite, and sound effects were made in Logic Pro, mostly with the Massive synthesizer. It was primarily inspired by dungeon crawlers and the game Ape Out.


  • Elliot George Mann