Jailbreak is a 2D platform game based around stealth and exploration. The user plays as a prisoner whose aim is to escape and break out of the prison by finding one of the multiple escape routes by collecting the required item for their chosen escape route all whilst trying to avoid being caught by the various Prison Guards, Security Cameras, and Spotlight towers. The game is set in a five-story high prison, and its surrounding grounds. While the game world is relatively small, each area of the prison presents new challenges for the player. The player is encouraged to explore all areas of the prison in order to find one of the multiple escape routes and to find the required items to proceed with the escape routes, as each escape route will require the user to travel to various different areas of the prison. The implementation of multiple escape routes which leads to different endings allows for additional replay value as the user might want to figure out how to escape from each escape route


  • Michael Cassidy
  • Mithila Roy
  • Daniel O'Halloran