Lost In Translation - Developing Digital Party Games To Better Accomodate Existing Social Situations

My final year project was to develop a new digital party game, in a similar vein to that of the Jackbox Party Packs, with the exception that it would be much more flexible to fit around the existing social situations it was played in - such as time constraints, interruptibility and differing player ability. The result is this game which is a loose adaptation of the board game Telestrations. Players have to write, draw or use emoji to continue on from or accurately convey prompts set by each other. Their answers then become the new prompts to be translated or continued. This results in a series of chains where prompts almost invariably get lost in translation.The game is designed not to take over all other social interaction happening at a gathering, but instead to work flexibly around it and enhance said interaction. It's also quite fun. Click here for a working prototype.


  • Ben Tailby