Operation U is a third-person shooter with platformer elements created in Unity. In this short demo, you are able to test out various weapons on the enemies and engage yourself in an exciting boss fight. Due to my enthusiasm in platformers and shooter games, I am always interested in creating a third person shooter with platformer elements that players could engage themselves in the battles and jumping challenges. As this is my first fully 3D game, I also decided to create and animate all models by myself while adding various elements to the game, including custom shaders and cutscenes. There are currently many third person shooter and platformer games but not many have both elements. The game - Ratchet & Clank provided me with great inspirations as it has a gameplay that contains both genres while having a lot of interesting elements. It also has an appealing cartoonish style and includes various weapons, which facilitates the freedom of the game; I was greatly inspired by this gam e when I decided to create this project and I have included different attacks options to create a more fruitful experience


  • Marco Ng