In the game, you play as a doctor character and you have free roam of the hospital building. There are three minigames in different rooms, some rooms don’t contain any minigames and just have furniture, letting the players search for the rooms where the minigames are located by exploring different areas. Players can enter different rooms and if they find a room with a minigame, an option to play the game will appear; the user will then be taken to a new scene to play the minigame after selecting the difficulty. NPC characters are also located around the hospital and when the player character approaches them, different dialogues will appear on top of the NPC. Players can also customize their own characters by changing the animal type, eyes and accessories. The three minigames for our game are: Get That Doughnut Out, Defeat The Tooth Bacteria! and Brain Game. They all have different gameplay mechanics and styles!


  • Hannah Stutely
  • Zeyuan Chen
  • Marco Ng
  • Hannah Stutely
  • Zhaochen Liu