This project was developed on Adobe XD, and it is the prototype for a mobile app called 'ReciMeal' that's key purpose is to make busy or working people's lives easier and simpler by creating a personalised dinner recipe for the user each day, dependent on the data that you can input through 5 option sliders with categories such as 'hunger level' and 'tiredness'. As well to this, the recipes are all entirely created by the ingredients that the user already has in their own kitchen, with a built-in AR scanner that can scan in each of the user's ingredients along with their use-by date and quantity, so you can keep track of what food you already have, and don't need to go out and buy anything before using the app. This app would be great for people who are too busy to go out and buy different ingredients or don't have the time and money to be trying out new recipes online or subscribe to meal plans, or for people with disabilities and dietary restrictions which may impact their food pr eferences, yet still want to try out new meals


  • Georgia Miller