SunK sunscreen pretends to be eco-friendly

This project is a Critical Design work, that describes an imaginative brand. Sun K Cream is a company that developed a new and extremely effective cream. The company became wildly popular within months from its launch and has had huge success globally. Sun K developed a daily, sun protection moisturizer suitable for all skin types, skin tones and underneath makeup. Using botanical ingredients, the Sun K range is eco-friendly and provides different levels of SPF protection as well as moisturizer. The products including bottles, jars, are made of glass, whilst packaging is made of recyclable cardboard. Sun K provides a refill service in store and online to accommodate customers. To contribute to improving the planet, Sun K donates 2% of each sale to the “Biorock” organization to restore the corals across the globe. However, due to the Alanine ingredient were accused of greenwashing. Although the Alanine ingredient can be found in common products such as dairy products, meat, nuts, its c overt extraction from endangered corals, and destruction of underwater ecosystems, questions Sun Ks reputation and morals. From this discovery, various reactions form society arose. The reactions differed gradually. Cancel culture campaigns on different social media platforms were increasing in numbers, but those numbers never resembled nor exceeded the numbers of customers who stayed loyal. This critical design serves to demonstrate how large-scale greenwashing campaigns do not change social accepted behaviors of the public


  • Ekaterina Farkhulina