Terrarium Tuitions

Terrarium Tuition is a study motivation timer website. It allows users to build up a terrarium by adding plants into the glass container. In order to plant a cactus or succulent the user has to complete a study session of their specified time. The user has to keep the website and timer page active on their laptop and complete the study time or their plant will die and they will not be allowed to plant it in their terrarium, to keep the user focused and stop them from using their device while studying. They can also add tasks to a to do list which allows the user to input a task, cross it off and delete it. I tailored the design of this website to be simple, clear and clean as I have found a common problem when viewing websites on laptop in that they are too complicated and/or have too much content. I illustrated the websites graphics in order to achieve a fun and unique style.


  • Emily Martin