Wander Around

This interactive piece doesn't include any narrative. Instead, Wander Around is more of a non-linear 3D interactive game where a player as the freedom to experience its world free from any time limits. Any interaction that the user will experience consists of creating their own story whilst experiencing this virtual open platform. Readable quotes and relaxing music embellish this virtual world that is based on an imagined botanical park and quiet woodland. As it draws inspiration from the 'art game' and animated genres, there are 3D objects that are based on the cartoon theme. "The idea for my game was inspired by 'Sacramento', particularly in its use of colours and its soothing setting. Another reason that I have developed a non-violent, interactive game around a botanical theme is that, due to the proliferation of digital technologies, the majority of people today seem to be more engaged in cyberspace than in the real world. This digitalization of society has provided a platform for observation and for experiencing fun and entertainment, and in turn, humans are interacting less and less with nature. For example, today's children enjoy the world of the computer-generated far more than the material world around them. Human-computer interaction is increasing day by day and the interaction between humanity and nature is only becoming rarer. Because of this, I have decided to create a botanical digital world that might provoke thought in the user: "if a virtual world can be this beautiful, then imagine how much more beautiful our world is than this!". After all, these are only illusions of images that I have used, which are inspired by the material world.


  • Mithila Roy