Yorkshire Museum Memories

This is an interactive museum exhibit designed for the Yorkshire Museum, focusing on creating a unique and enjoyable experience for all ages and that anyone from one person to a family can take part in. It also focuses on providing a fun way for visitors to give valuable feedback of their museum experience to the museum. The visitors can record their museum experience using the memory form or can view other visitors memories, using an interactive timeline consisting of a collection the memories. The exhibit creates a sense of community and involvement with the museum, allowing visitors to feel that they have left their mark at the museum and are able to view other visitors memories which they can relate to. By adding their experience to the exhibit it adds it to the museum archives, allowing others to view them and for visitors to come back in the future and reminisce. Yorkshire Museum Memories was created by following the double diamond design process, conducting user research (inclu ding surveys and observations) to discover insights and information to develop a prototype from. The design software Sketch was used to create the user interfaces and made interactive using Invision


  • Emily Martin