Rebound Rush

Rebound Rush is a 3D momentum-based platformer in which you rebound through obstacle courses to reach a goal as quickly as possible. It features 3 levels with unique visual themes and a variety of custom assets and effects. It also features a narrative told through comic panels and 6 characters to choose from. This project was created for the Interactive Media Group Project module and was a collaboration between Hang Zhou, Leah Marshall, Zewuzi Meng, Ella Blackwood, and Quinn McMahon. Hang Zhou - 3D Animator, 3D Asset Team Leah Marshall - 2D Asset Team, Programming Team Zewuzi Meng - Technical Lead (VFX Artist), 3D Asset Team Ella Blackwood - Project Manager, 3D Asset Team Quinn McMahon - Lead Designer, Level Designer, Programming Team


  • Quinn McMahon
  • Ella Blackwood
  • Zewuzi Meng
  • Leah Marshall
  • Hang Zhou

Awards & Shortlists

  • most-innovative (shortlisted)