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Interactive Media Showcase

The Interactive Media Showcase is an annual event hosted by the Theatre, Film and Television department at the University of York proudly displaying the works of Interactive Media students to the public and industry guests...

Visitors will experience a range of work: critical and user experience design, virtual reality experiences, games and apps, humanities dissertations, web and application designs.

A ticketed gala opens the Showcase with drinks and food provided. The gala will also provide the opportunity to explore the displayed projects, followed by an announcement of the winners of our three awards. Over the weekend, the Showcase is open to those who could not attend the gala.

Gif of code being coded Gif of different devices Gif of walking dinosaurs

Date, Time, Location

Department of Theatre, Film and Television

University of York, Campus East

York, YO10 5GB

14th June, Fri (Gala):

15th June, Sat:

16:00 - 20:00

16th June, Sun:

16:00 - 20:00